Employee Recognition Poems

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Employee Recognition Awards with Engraved WordingYou may need some thank you poems to highlight your employee recognition gifts (cards/plaques/awards/letters etc.) Sincere thanks never grow old, meaningful employee recognition rewards and recognition provides an effective, low cost way of raising morale and encouraging higher levels of performance.

Inspirational poems/quotes are motivational when used in your recognition gifts. Your appreciation poems contribute to motivation because they provide examples and role models, and prompt visualization. Inspirational poems stimulate images and feelings in the brain – both consciously and unconsciously. Powerful positive imagery found in motivational quotations and poems is genuinely motivational for people, individually and in teams, and can help to build confidence and belief.

If you are looking for motivational employee poems, below are a few thank you poems for you to browse.

I Appreciate You

You are a person

Who makes work easier and better?

For everyone around you

Your continual acts of thoughtfulness and kindness

Brighten each day

What you did for our company will glow in our memory,

Reviving pleasant feelings

Every time we think about it.

I appreciate you, and I thank you.

You Care About Coworkers

You care about people and it shows.

You are generous with your time,

Giving of your energy,

Lavish with your unselfish deeds.

I will remember your kindness to our company.

Thank you for brightening our company

With your thoughtfulness

It really meant a lot.

Below are employee appreciation verses, poems and sayings, and business greetings for you to use on plaques, awards, cards, in letters and notes, emails, memos or speeches – wherever you need them.

  1. We just wanted to sayHow very much we appreciateThe wonderful job you are doingWe sure couldn’t do it without you!
  2. Your teamwork on this projectIs really appreciatedIt makes all of our jobs easierThanks for the effort!
  3. We knew when we hired youYou’d get the job doneWe are absolutely delightedWith how well you did it!Thanks!
  4. I just wanted you to knowI couldn’t doWhat I need to doFor this companyWithout each and every one of you

    Doing your jobs so well

    You make my job easier

    Because you work so well as a team

    It gives me satisfaction

    When we accomplish so much together

    And I thank you!